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Introduction of the 14 inch GrainMaxx Auger

GrainMaxx introduced to the market place a new 14inch auger with capacity of up to 250 bus/min. Since its introduction in 2015 the GrainMaxx 14in auger has been an auger of choice for many larger farmers with sizes from 85ft to 95ft to 105ft. We are currently introducing our 14in auger with larger lengths in 2018. Sizes to be determined.

GrainMaxx Farm Shows

In 2018 GrainMaxx augers will be showing at the Crop Production Show Saskatoon ( jan2018); Regina Farm Progress show both inside and outside (June 2018); Saskatoon Ag in Motion (July 2018);and Red Deer Ag Show (Nov 2018)

GrainMaxx Launches New 6000 Series HC Model

In 2017 GrainMaxx is introducing the new 6000 series 13 inch HC model auger with a much larger bushel auger capacity over the previous GrainMaxx augers. On this new HC model there are also major improvements to make this auger more industrial in strength and long lasting. We believe this new and improved model is poised to become our new standard for us to build to for years to come.

Ag To Acquire Western Cdn Fertilizer Plant Builder

Ag Growth International Inc. has entered into a binding agreement to acquire NuVision Industries Inc., a premier designer and builder of complete turnkey fertilizer-blending plants and material-handling facilities. The acquisition of Western Canada-based NuVision represents a significant additional step in AGI's strategic entry into the fertilizer sector.

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GrainMaxx now at Ag Plus Mechanical - Medicine Hat. AB. For 2018

GrainMaxx now at Full Line Equipment - Swift Current. Sk. For 2018

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