About Our Company


GrainMaxx is a Canadian Company, that sells its products to the North American market through a diversified dealer network. GrainMaxx manufactures its high quality grain augers out of its 34,000 sq. ft. facility located 3 miles north of Carseland, Alberta. It has sales offices located in Carseland Alberta. The company is a subsidiary of NuVision Industries.

Our Standards

Highest Quality Manufacturing

GrainMaxx has the highest quality standards with over 25 years of experience in agricultural manufacturing.

Product Quality

Every GrainMaxx unit is completely assembled and field ready, so when you need it, it is ready to work.

Company Strength

GrainMaxx has been in the agricultural business for over 25 years through the ups and downs of the agricultural business. GrainMaxx is committed to be in the business for the long run.

Product Warranty

GrainMaxx backs all of its products with a full one year limited warranty. Because of its manufacturing quality, GrainMaxx products provide good resale value - Now and in the future.
223072 RGE RD 260
Carseland, Alberta, TOJ OMO Canada

Hwy 901, 3 Miles East of Hwy 24, 1 Mile South

Phone: (403) 934-3591
Toll Free: 1 (800) 667-8800

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